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Pride Cork

Chocolate cupcake with beautiful  rainbow colour piped cream topping in an orange paper cupcake case
Pride Cupcake

On this the weekend of the pride parade, I am reminded to feel proud not just because of what we have overcome but to also feel proud for the future 🌈

We as a city are inclusive and we are a progressive city that embraces diversity and everybody’s right to love who they want to love 🥰

I am reminded this weekend to feel proud for what I have achieved as an LGBTQIA+ business. Two years ago I started this business and I am just thrilled at how much it has grown over that time and for people’s support. It means the world to me ❤️

Also a special mention to my amazing husband for being there for me and supporting me through all my endeavours, meltdowns and the highs and lows 😘

So on this weekend full of joy and happiness please remember to have an amazing time, stay safe but to also take a moment and appreciate and feel proud for our small city 🌈

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