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Terms & Conditions

Placing an order Ruairi's Kitchen:

  • Once an order has been placed Online, by email or over the phone, the customer is subject to our terms and conditions automatically.

  • A deposit of 50% is required once the design and order are finalised, this is to secure the date, confirm the design and to start purchasing ingredients.

  • We require a minimum of 3 full days to fulfil your order, Fondant Cakes and larger cakes do take longer and as much notice as possible is appreciated.

  • Due to the number of orders, we handle it is important that you check that you have booked the right date, you may be able to change it but it may incur extra costs depending on the request, please note that you can change the collection date only 2 full working days before the collection date.

Collecting an order:

  • All orders are collection only on Douglas Street but can arrange to meet customers somewhere within walking distance depending on the size/weight of the cake.

  • A time will be arranged with the customer prior to the collection date, and it is appreciated if the customer could arrive within the given time slot.

What happens if the customer does not collect the order on the day requested?

  • Ruairi's Kitchen will be making the products that the customer has ordered freshly made for the date of collection requested, it is the responsibility of the customer to collect the cake on the date requested. If the customer does not collect the cake Ruairi's Kitchen will hold any products for up to 3 days, after these 3 days the product will not be suitable for selling and unfortunately it will be disposed of, we will be unable to offer a new product at cost, we will not be able to offer a refund and we will not be able to offer any discounts for a new product Ruairi's Kitchen has fulfilled its responsibility of producing an item that was not collected.​​

Refund policy:

  • Ruairi's Kitchen does not offer refunds, regardless of the issue; Ruairi's Kitchen can only offer you a partial discount on your next order or a whole new cake for the same value of your initial purchase; we reserve the right to allocate the discount appropriate for each other, even if a cake is brought back, we will not be able to process refunds.


Changes to orders:

  • You may request a change after placing an order, but we might not be able to accommodate late changes, approved changes may incur further charges.

Cancellation policy for any product supplied by Ruairi's Kitchen:

  • In the regrettable situation that the client cancels a special order of cakes, cupcakes or any patisserie item sold by Ruairi's Kitchen, written notification is required, and the following cancellation fees with apply regardless of the ordering date:

  • Over 14 days prior to the collection date we have a small charge of €10 to cancel an order to cover ordering costs.

  • At least (14) days prior to the collection date: (50%) of the deposit will be kept by Ruairi's Kitchen

  • At least (7) days prior to the collection date (100%) of the deposit will be kept by Ruairi's Kitchen.

  • At least (3) days or less prior to the delivery or collection date, one hundred per cent (100% of the total quoted cost is to be paid by the client to Ruairi's Kitchen

Food Safety:

  • Ruairi's Kitchen is a HSE registered & certified premises. We follow strict health and safety guidelines. Chilled food can only be left out of refrigeration for a maximum of four (4) hours. After this time the food will be deemed unsafe and consequently disposed of. It is full responsibility of the customer if they consume any items that might have been outside the fridge for longer than 4 hours.


It is full responsibility of the customer to inform us in writing of any severe allergies, Ruairi's Kitchen is fully trained in allergen awareness but it is the responsibility of the customer to ensure the product is perfectly suitable for the consumer. However, we cannot guarantee any products free from any trace elements due to the nature of the kitchen.

Product Images:

  • Ruairi's Kitchen aims to match the product image every time but being a handmade made-to-order food item some or part of the decoration or colours may vary.

Exchanges or replacements:

  • In the unlikely event that one of our products is not up to standard, We would require the products to be brought back to verify that the are issues with the products, failing to bring the cake back or provide any pictures would result in not being able to process any complaints.

Food Safety
Collectin & Deliveries
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